The Channel App


Be heard. Sell more.

App as a Service

Channel influence like never before.

We’ve developed a future where every sales professional can intuitively connect with your brand, in a way that fits their lifestyle.

Achieve seamless relationships with the people in your sales channel. Deliver your message, drive sales.

Available to you as a service. Easy.

Channel Analytics

Our most advanced channel platform ever.

Powered by the Channel360® platform, The Channel App provides our most powerful analytics yet.

Measure and action your strategies with ultimate precision – target content, training and incentives to drive maximum channel influence.

Your channel revealed in detail like never before. Neat.

Your Channel Feed

Land your message in 7 seconds.(Or less)

A feed of content built on your brand proposition with industry relevant information — you’ll provide real knowledge, in real-time.

From pocket to content – fast. No portal logins just open and go.

Isn’t it time that your channel receives sales content that has been designed specifically for them? We think so.

Did we mention that we can create the content for you too? Well, we can.

Channel Rewards

Sales Rewards

Loyal channel?
Easy with the right rewards program.

Built on our popular rewards platform, you’ll provide your channel with another compelling reason to sell your products.

Large or small rewards, everyone loves money.

Well, that’s what we heard.

Sales Training

We created

With little time, sales professionals’ attention is a precious thing. Don’t go interrupting core sales hours with lengthy webinars.

That’s why burst-learning experiences drive higher engagement and information retention.

Enough said.

Deal Registration

Super simple deal registration.

Offer your channel the ability to quickly register their deals.

Built on our Channel360® deal registration process, effectively manage and understand your channel pipeline.

Existing CRM? No problem, we can connect to that.

Sales Incentives

Sales people? Competitive? Naa!

Based on our award-winning incentive competitions, your channel could compete in an inter-partner sales challenge, or perhaps a prize draw?

Design your incentive with us and we’ll make it an experience that drives real growth.

The Future Is Now

We’re changing the IT Channel.
Lead the way with us.

If you’re as passionate as we are about building the most effective partner experiences then we need to talk.

Send up a flare and we’ll get the ball rolling.